gsphelp  Where to find information

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gsphelp  Where to find information

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The following source of information on GSP are available:

Online Help

Context sensitive Online Help is available while running the program. Referring to Help is an efficient way to learn about the simulation environment and component model features. The 'Quick start basics' tutorial section is an efficient way to quickly learn the GSP basics.

Printed documentation

Printed documentation is provided in the GSP User Manual and GSP Technical Manual. The User Manual primarily provides information necessary to use the program for running simulations on existing gas turbine models. The GSP Technical Manual provides detailed information on the thermodynamics and numerical mathematics applied in the simulation environment and component models. This manual is required for more advanced use, including the development of new gas turbine models and new component models. You can download documentation from the GSP site or contact NLR.

Internet homepage

The GSP website can be found at The web site provides the latest news, product information, downloads of the standard version and all available documentation, tips & tricks, FAQ's, and more. It should be the place to visit in case of obtaining any information or providing feedback.

NLR support