gsphelp  GSP versions and editions

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gsphelp  GSP versions and editions

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GSP uses a specific version numbering scheme to identify the specific version of the program and any associated executable programs or modules.


GSP is available in two editions

a Light Edition (LE) with limited functionality, free for non-commercial use.

a fully functional professional Standard Edition (SE) for licensed users,


For the professional Standard Edition, a license is required. Contact NLR for obtaining or purchasing a license.


A variety of component libraries is available depending on the license type. The licensed version has a large number of additional components. Custom component libraries are available or can be developed for specific projects and customers and can be customer proprietary.


The Standard Edition can be extended with a Component Developers Package (CDP) license including source code that can be adapted and compiled to run with the GSP main program. This way, advanced users can adapt or extend component models to their own requirement.


See the Feature Matrix for details on functionalities and items included in the different products.


In GSP version, the GSP API (GSP Application Programming Interface) has been introduced. Usage of the API is restricted for non-registered users, it requires a dedicated GSP API license to use. A separate manual has been written for usage of the GSP API.