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The Report editor is used to display various types of model reports:

States and Errors report
Operating point report
Model data report
Error messages log report
Errors during calculation are written to this report


A confirmation save dialog, in case of closing file when changes have been made, can be controlled using the General Options dialog conformation tab sheet.


The GSP report editor has been integrated into the model, therefore model specific. The window is dockable, so can be placed where the modeler prefers this output window.. If this window is not visible (hidden) use the Project window menu option View.



Undocked report editor window


Report toolbar


From left to right these buttons stand for:

New (CTRL + N)
Create a new file
Open... (CTRL + O)
A browse for file dialog will be opened to select a file
Save (CTRL + S)
Save the current report to file
Save As (ALT + S)
Save the current report to an alternative file
Print (CTRL + P)
Print the report


Cut (CTRL + T)
Cut text selection
Copy (CTRL + C)
Copy text selection
Paste (CTRL + V)
Paste selection on cursor position
Undo (CTRL + Z)
Undo last action


Opens a find text dialog


Clear report Editor
Clears all the text in the editor


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