gsphelp  Project tree panel

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gsphelp  Project tree panel

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The GSP XML data structure corresponds to a GUI project tree with any number and level of sub-configurations and cases.




Project tree panel for case management configurations are particular arrangements representing a particular engine configuration. A configuration can have one or more cases that actually represent different input data sets such as operating conditions, power settings and/or control laws. A case can have any number of sub-cases but cannot have sub-configurations. Only cases can actually run simulations and produce output. In the Config/Case details panel in the model window the case or configuration specific data are shown. Corresponding to the inheritance principle, these include all data that are different from the ancestor case or configuration. The Config/Case details panel facilitates rapid browsing through project trees to find particular case or configuration details.


A top configuration is represented by the base configuration (reference) model which usually is the engine configuration from which a design or performance analysis study is started. There is no restriction in the model arrangements in the configurations derived from the base configuration model. An extreme example is an empty base configuration model with a number of different sub-configurations.


Configure the tree using the menu, toolbar or popup menu.


GSP 12 introduces a check box in front of the case model name, see the orange accentuated area below:



The dark blue background indicates that this is the current focussed/selected (case) model node, this selected node has automatically a check mark in the check box. By selecting other case check boxes, the selected model output table is joined with the (priorly generated simulation) data from the cases with a check mark so that simulation output runs can be compared.