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The simple AB fuel control component in this library has been developed to control the combustor component when used as afterburner. Afterburner power setting can be specified as either AB power code or directly by specifying fuel flow, FAR, Texit or fraction of maximum stoichiometric fuel flow.


With AB power code, corresponding values for minimum and maximum AB fuel flow must be specified:

With the Fuel flow, FAR or Texit options specified, minimum and maximum Fuel flow, FAR or Texit must be specified corresponding to minimum and maximum specified AB power codes.
With the Fraction of maximum stoichiometric fuel flow option specified
a minimum fuel flow corresponding with minimum AB power code must be specified,
a value for the fraction of gas entering the afterburner that is not used for combustion (e.g. AB liner cooling flow) must be specified to determine maximum AB fuel flow.


At maximum AB power code, a fuel flow is applied that will realize stoichiometric combustion with the gas entering the afterburner minus the specified Gas fraction not used for combustion.



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