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gsphelp  Output tables

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Simulation results can be output to tables with columns for the user-selected output parameters and each row representing an operating point. SQL based database storage is used which can hold up to 256 columns and any number of rows. Per case model, a separate output table is stored. The table can contain operating point results from design point, steady state, steady state series and transient calculations. Note that output data tables from different cases can be compared by selecting the check boxes in from of the case name of the project tree panel.


The output table contains default columns which are supplemented by the selected output parameters of the Ambient conditions, Model components, System performance and calculated parameters output parameters. The default columns are Point/time, Type, curve #, group # and Comment columns.




After each operating point calculation, rows are automatically added (with or without confirmation) depending on the settings in Options|Output in the main window. An example of steady state tabular output is displayed in the following figure.





If you specify additional output parameters in the Output tab sheet of components while tables already exist, GSP must redefine a new output table with the new columns added. The Save/New tables menu item, used for saving existing steady state and transient data and/or defining new tables, pops-up automatically.