gsphelp  Insert (Off-)Design Value(s) in model component

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gsphelp  Insert (Off-)Design Value(s) in model component

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Sometime you'd like to insert variables into model components to sweep certain parameters that do not have the means default to be swept (there is no steady state series input option).


It is possible to insert most steady state (off) design input through the use of other components.


To do so it is required to add an additional output parameter model component, e.g. the following example will demonstrate the use of the duct PR for design sweep analysis.


FPR_duct is the name of a parameter we made up, fill out a random value, it will be overwritten later (note to edit the input from a configuration, the screenshots are from a case model, so it appears disabled):




Now we need to link this parameter to the actual input in the fan (fan duct pressure ratio input fileld), to do so we use a equation model component and configure it s such that it links to the design PR of the fan (PRdesduct : Double):




Similar for the fan pressure of the core (PRdescore : Double):




Now the model can schedule the fan pressure design values from a case input controller:




A similar solution can be applied for off-design input fields.