gsphelp  Importing older models

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gsphelp  Importing older models

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Up to GSP 10, GSP model data were stored in binary format in .MDL files corresponding to only a single configuration and case combined. Loading these old model  files into GSP 11 has some conversion issues.


Usually GSP automatically upgrades your old model to the current version since GSP is backwards compatible. The .MDL file data are loaded in the Base model configuration of a new created project with a corresponding project file name.

However, several settings in the model may need attention:

Duplicate station numbers
No duplicate station numbers are allowed in GSP 11 and up. Station numbers in between components or inside components (e.g. the turbine NGV station, found on the output tab sheet of the model's input window) are checked for duplicates (on initialization and on calculation). Please check and correct duplicate station numbers.

Case type components in configuration type
The Reference mode node in which the old model file data are loaded, is of type configuration, and restricts usage of gas path components and control components (basically the definition of the mathematical engine model). Input modifiers as case components, or any component that acts as input specifiers for the model are solely allowed to be used in case nodes. Upon loading older model a confirmation message dialog will be displayed when an input specifying component is placed in the base configuration model node. The modeler can choose to delete this component immediately, or leave it in the configuration. If the modeler chooses to leave it in the configuration, the modeler should be aware that the component must be moved to a case (first create a case child node to the base configuration model to paste the component).
The problem can quickly be corrected by right-clicking the component and selecting the Move component to child configs/cases menu item to move the component to a child case. If there is no child case it must be first added or inserted, for example using the Insert Child Case or Config menu item when right clicking the selected configuration node.

Duplicate output parameters
Duplicate output parameters are not allowed. The new version checks the output parameters on duplicates during initialization or upon running. Please remove the check marks of selected duplicate output parameters that can be found in multiple components. E.g. the spool speed can be specified in any component that is attached to the same shaft, and hence may result in duplicate output parameters. A quick solution is to use the centralized component (output parameters tab sheet) output to remove the duplicate selections. When selecting the spool speed for option all turbo components automatically configures the components that are attached to the same shaft so that no duplicate output is obtained.