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gsphelp  Documentation

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Public printed documentation is provided in:

GSP User Manual

The User Manual primarily provides information necessary to use the program for running simulations on existing gas turbine models. The User Manual is the printed version of the on-line help.

GSP Technical Manual (registered users only)

The GSP Technical Manual provides detailed information on the thermodynamics and numerical mathematics applied in the simulation environment and component models. This manual is required for more advanced use, including the development of new gas turbine models and new component models.

Several publications presented at conferences (listed in References)


For the Component Developers Package (CDP) license there further is the

GSP Component Model Developer's Manual

The GSP Component Model Developers Manual is for developing new custom component models and requires the Borland Delphi software development environment and the GSP Component Developers Package


Additional documentation not publicly available includes:

Software Requirements Specification (SRS) for GSP

GSP Analysis and Design Document


Documentation can be obtained from the NLR GSP site. For additional information contact NLR.