gsphelp  Calculated columns

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gsphelp  Calculated columns

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New columns composed as functions of existing table columns can be created or edited by:

Right-clicking the appropriate column and selecting Add Calc Column from the pop-up menu in the steady state or Transient output table.

Adding/editing expressions in the model Output Options (go to the model windows Options|Output|tabsheet Calculated Expressions)


This feature is convenient to convert parameters to other units (just multiply with a factor), derive corrected parameters (divide by temperature ratio or pressure ratio) or introduce new variables based on two existing variables (for example: add Engine Pressure Ratio (EPR) from exhaust pressure and inlet pressure). Use the Select to insert column name Combo box to add field names' in the expression and add Comments or Unit names if desired in the Comment/Unit field. Expressions can be constructed using the Parser and the drop down box containing all the output parameters selected on the output tabsheets of the components. Note that if selected output parameters names containing a dot (.) will be modified by a dollar ($) sign. The numeric format can be changed to user specifications.


For advanced use map or tables can be used to scale the calculated parameter to a certain schedule or map. When a table (simple schedule) is used only fill out the Xmap_in parameter, for using a map both Xmap_in- and Ymap_in parameter should be filled out.


The expressions are saved with the model and are automatically recalculated after re-opening a model and running simulations.  If the expression cannot be calculated (for example because output fields have been deleted or definitions/component nrs. changed), the status field indicates it as invalid and the expression requires adaptation. Otherwise OK indicates a successfully evaluated expression.